Item of the Day: Mackays Scottish Three Berry Preserve

Real talk- I could totally live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When I want to get healthy, I get sugar-free jam. When I feel a little reckless and want the full sugar hit, I get regular jelly.

On a recent trip to Cost Plus, I discovered Mackays brand of jelly preserves imported from Scotland and fell in love! The one I bought has three berries- strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant. I had never heard of blackcurrant outside of the UK, and it’s a really tasty berry. The three flavors really work well together and adds an extra kick to the standard PB&J. On the website, it also states if the preserves are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are also gluten-free and kosher approved. Lucky for me, this preserve is perfect on all fronts!

If you explore some of the other flavors on their website, they even have a strawberry preserve with champagne, if you’re feeling extra fancy! You can buy it from their website or Cost Plus. My PB&Js haven’t been the same thanks to Mackays!