Item of the Day: ‘Let’s Get This Party Started’ by Soleil Moon Frye

If you’re looking for brilliant party ideas that your kids can help with, look no further. Soleil’s latest book, Let’s Get This Party Started is a guide to more than 15 parties you can throw for your kids that are inexpensive, wildly inventive, and fun. Each party includes two crafts, one game, and one recipe—all of which you can put together with your child.

The creative theme parties featured in the book include the fairy party, the pirate party, the movie-on-the-lawn party, the camp party, the ’80s party, the rainbow party, the Halloween party, the luau, and many more, captured in gorgeous and colorful images by Frye’s brother, photographer Meeno.

And good news! This wonderful book is available today (10/15) and you can order your copy here.