Item of the Day: Lalaloopsy Dolls

Okay, I must admit it. I am an adult who still loves dolls. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, but I’m probably one of the few moms who have more of a particular doll than my own three daughters! A few years ago, we discovered Lalaloopsy dolls. I began liking them because they each have their own distinct look and personality. The first one I got was Jewel Sparkles, who wears a little pink crown on her head and is supposed to be very girly. My oldest daughter Anneka followed suit and started liking them also, so we got her Crumbs Sugar Cookie, the one who likes to bake. Each one is into a different thing, like Bea Spells a Lot, who likes to read and spell and Dot Starlight, who likes science, or my daughter’s favorite, Spot Splatter Splash, who paints and is an artist.

Do you see a theme here? They all have strange names, which I think was done on purpose because it sounds really cute to hear little kids try to say them! The company, MGA Entertainment, who also makes the Bratz dolls, began releasing more and more and it’s really hard not to buy a doll that dresses the way you wish you did!

Either way, every one else started catching on and since 2010, when we first heard of the Lalaloopsy Dolls, then called Bitsy Buttons, they have expanded them to include the original big dolls, minis, micro-mini dolls, doll scooters, play houses, t-shirts, and a whole other slew of merchandise that you can find in any Toys R Us or Target. On top of that, my daughters went as Lalaloopsy dolls for Halloween a few years ago. More recently, there has been a Lalaloopsy movie, a Lala-Oopsie movie (a new line of similar dolls), and now a television show on Nickelodeon.

One Christmas, one particular doll, Mittens Fluff n Stuff, was the number one toy to have and was so hard to find! It supposedly reached Cabbage Patch Doll proportions from the 80s, or Tickle Me Elmo from the 90s. I probably have too many of them in my house to count right now, seeing as how I have 3 little girls, oh, and the many that I have!

Image credit: Lalaloopsy Facebook

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