Item of the Day: Kusmi Iced Tea Sampler Pack

I grew up as a massive iced tea drinker – nothing fancy, just some Lipton brewed bags with way too much sugar. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve cut out the sugar and refined my palette a bit, and I’m always on the lookout for new teas to change things up. As a big green and black tea fan, I was absolutely buzzing when I discovered Kusmi, an old Russian tea brand now owned by Parisians. They have SO MANY varieties your brain will explode, and guess what? They’re all DELICIOUS.

I picked up the iced tea sampler box which contains two individually wrapped fancy muslin bags of each of ten flavours including strawberry green tea (my absolute favourite), a bergamot, lemon and orange blossom blend called Anastasia and a Detox lemongrass mate. Seriously, every single variety in the box is amazing. I can’t wait to try all the rest of their flavours… and there’s a store in New York, so that’ll be happening SOON.

Head over to the Kusmi website to buy your own, or stop into one of their retail shops if you happen to be in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, etc.