Item of the Day: Kisstixx Lip Balm

Word around town is, Kisstixx Lip Balm might be the best thing to happen to kissing since the French.

When college buddies Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo realized it would take more than a kick-ass MySpace profile to impress the ladies, they did what anyone would do – they set up makeshift chemistry labs and whipped up some yummy two-person lip stuff guaranteed to add a little bit of magic to every smooch. Genius, right?

Kisstixx comes in 6 different pairs, including: fire & ice, raspberry & lemonade, pina colada & strawberry daiquiri.

So the next time you spin the bottle, so to speak, make sure you remember these tips and pick up your favorite Kisstixx combo then get ready to see fireworks, butterflies and unicorns sliding down double rainbows or whatever it is you envision when engaging in an intense game of tonsil hockey.

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