Item of the Day: Kimchi Blue Glossy Suitcase Satchel

If there’s one item I have a lot of, it’s bags. I just acquire bags without even meaning to. I have tote bags, makeup bags, purses that are too small for anything, purses that are so big they weigh me down, laptop bags, everything!

As a result, I TRY to not purchase bags unless I really need WANT them.

This past weekend, I found myself saying the sentence, “I just want to pop in to get some new socks!” about Urban Outfitters. This was silly of me because Urban Outfitters is my kryptonite. I can very rarely go into one or look at their website without panicking about something I HAVE to have.

And then I spotted this bag and I knew I had to have it. It looks like a tiny suitcase and zips like one. It’s seafoam green, the prettiest of all the greens and it really just “goes” with my whole. . .aesthetic.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t buy ANY socks that day.

But I did buy the bag for $49 and since I’ve already used it two days in a row I think it’s earning its keep. You can buy it here and it also comes in pink!

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