Item Of The Day: Kate Spade BFF Bangle

Here at HelloGiggles we certainly love our BFF’s. It is only natural that we hold our fabulous friendships in the highest regard, considering our co-founders and fearless leaders were three peas in a pod long before they gave us the opportunity to write about the amazing women in our lives. It would seem that, like us, the team over at Kate Spade is adamant about the love they have for all the ladies in their lives as well. How do they show it you ask? Well, they wear their heart on their sleeve and their friendship on their wrist!

Recently I was searching high and low for the perfect birthday present for my very own bestie. Since we live many moons apart, we are eternally looking for gifts that remind us of the friendship that is only a phone call away. Over the years we have become big fans of BFF jewelry and have acquired quite the collection of initial-clad baubles. Particular affection has developed for the “grown up” friendship bracelet. While we have exchanged a couple best friend bangles, my new favorite is our most recent acquisition from Kate Spade. It may be named the “Bridesmaid Bangle” but the inscriptions that decorate it are perfect for friends who are a match made in heaven. Around the bracelet you can read, “birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair, partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekick.” And on the inside, “BEST FRIEND EVER.”

The Kate Spade Bridesmaid Bangle is the best friendship bracelet discovered to date and was a birthday present success! Not only did my BFF receive the bling, I obviously had to pick up a matching one for myself.

I know you love the ladies in your life as much as we do here at HelloGiggles so, go ahead and get your friendship on in style!

Feature Image via Kate Spade and Me!

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