Item of the Day: Just Shea Beauty Products

Like so many of you, I’m a total product junkie. From candy-scented lotion to body washes claiming to be made of crushed diamonds, I’ve tried it all. But as much as I love bringing home the latest cream that will positively, absolutely change my life, sometimes I feel a little bit guilty about how much I spend on beauty products. That is, until I discovered Just Shea. This company makes deliciously decadent creams for your face, feet, hands, and lips. They’re creamy, lightly scented, and oh-so-luxurious. But the best part is, all the profits go to the women in Ghana who harvest shea (hence the name) to help them get things like snakebite ointment and better equipment. So while your skin will most certainly feel good, your conscience will feel even better.

Available at Just Shea.

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