Item of the Day: Julep Bestie Nail Kits

We here at HelloGiggles go full on mad-scientist-crazy for nails (browse our “Nails of the Day” archive) so really, this was inevitable: the HelloGiggles Mani Set from Julep.

Now on sale until Feb 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day, or as I know it, Thursday.

I don’t really do my nails, it’s more like I undo my nails, but with these colors and manageable brushes, I could actually maybe sort of pull off my own design. I’m thinking the entire Billy Joel discography. Right on my nails.

Get your bestie, or even close acquaintance to split them with you, and then you can all trade, just like in the days of Jelly Roll gel pens. The Julep Bestie Nail Kits for HelloGiggles come in the Tickled Pink Ombre Set and A-Cute Triangle Set.

Buy them today and buy them here!

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