Item of the Day: Joe & Seph’s Gin and Tonic Gourmet Popcorn

If you’ve ever wanted a little more “pop” in your popcorn on a Friday night (or any night really), you’ve come to the right place with Joe & Seph’s gin and tonic infused gourmet popcorn! Handmade in England using 5% real gin and 5% real tonic, this masterpiece in the world of popped corn is also gluten free and vegetarian, making it just the perfect pre-cocktail companion for your evening. As an added, awesome bonus, you’ll be hangover free the next morning!

But if a G&T isn’t your preferred libation of choice to smother kernels of popcorn with, Joe & Seph’s also offers up plenty of popcorn pouch alternatives in their online shop. Choose from a sea of fabulous concoctions including caramel with Belgium chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, olive oil with mozzarella and tomato, caramel with macchiato and whisky, and many more varieties of popcorn flavors I never knew could exist until now. And now that you know, you can never look at popcorn the same way ever again!

Pick up a bag from Joe & Seph’s online shop today or make the purchase on for $10.69 a bag!

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