Item of the Day: Jack Link’s Valentine’s Day Jerky

My husband loves beef jerky. A lot of people do! But imagine my surprise when I found out that you can buy your sweetie a heart-shaped box of beef jerky for Valentine’s Day!

Usually for Valentine’s Day, I get a heart-shaped red box of different kinds of chocolates (half of them I don’t even like, truthfully), that somehow becomes a gift for myself, my husband and my 3 kids! I also get the standard flowers, something cutesy like a stuffed bear hugging a heart, and something I really, really wanted that I probably “hinted” on to a thousand times during the months leading up to the holiday. For my husband, it’s similar things except now I can add “Heart-shaped box of beef jerky” to that list!

The “Furry Sasquatch Heart” is from Jack Links, and as they say “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a slab of meat!” The jerky comes in a heart-shaped box, just like the box of chocolates, except it’s covered in Sasquatch fur! Inside, you’ll find a 1.25 oz bag of premium-cut beef! It’s high in protein and low in fat and calories. The box is really cute, with a picture of Sasquatch on the front, which is actually pretty funny! A friend, a parent, even a teen would find this a cute, funny and yummy gift!

I already got mine, but you can order from their website,, through Valentine’s Day for $9.99 with free shipping! So while he’s helping to eat up your chocolates, you can raid his beef jerky!