Item of the Day: Instant Comfort Pocket Box

Sometimes your friends are too busy with work to lend you a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes you’re far from home all alone without the proper snacks. Sometimes you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed so much so that you ended up back on the right side but it still feels weird. Sometimes all you want to do is watch FRIENDS but left your DVD series set in NJ when you drove out to Los Angeles and it’s not on Netflix.! What gives! Things aren’t always hunky dory and frankly, that’s just a part of life. When your friends or your mom or your television accomplices can’t be there open your heart and your hand to my new favorite thing on Etsy: the Instant Comfort Pocket Box.

Kim Welling, owner of Kim’s Little Monsters on Etsy has created these little matchbox sized delights to brighten our days and calm our uneasy, worrisome minds. She has a few variations to choose from, inspiring beauty (“You look wonderful today!”), perseverance (“Wishes will come true!”), confidence (You’re a star!), and a little bit of assurance (“Everything will be okay!”).

For just about $10, they are perfect add-ons for care packages and long distance friends in need or a personal favor to yourself. Check them out here and share the love!

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