Item of the Day: ‘I Forgot To Be Famous’ by Almie Rose

We love to see our writers here at HelloGiggles doing amazing things, and Almie Rose has certainly raised the bar with the release of her new eBook, I Forgot To Be Famous. The collection of essays are about basically everything Almie does best: life, love and everything in between, all with a dash of sarcasm and humour. LOVE IT!

You can grab a copy of the book on Amazon and iTunes in the US, but here’s something else: you don’t even need a Kindle/iPad/Nook/whatever to read it! Amazon has a wide variety of free Kindle apps, with which you’ll be able to read it on your computer, as well as your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. You will also be able to read it on your iPad, Android Tablet, and Windows 8.

Also, the book isn’t just available in the US. Here’s a full list of countries where you can grab a copy:

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Awesome! Here’s an official synopsis of the book, if Almie’s name alone wasn’t enough to draw you in:

What do you do when your ex leaves you for his A-list actress ex girlfriend? How do you land a musician boyfriend? What’s it like to make a total jackass of yourself when you meet that actor you’ve had a crush on for years? What would When Harry Met Sally… look like in 2013? Am I hungry? These questions and more are answered and explored by Almie Rose in I FORGOT TO BE FAMOUS, essays and how-to’s about dating, relationships, living in Los Angeles, and how they all crash into each other, like the car chase scene in the mall in the Blues Brothers movie, which she hasn’t seen, but is not at all opposed to.

Love it almost as much as we here at HelloGiggles love Almie herself! Grab your copy today – it’s only $2.99 in the US!