Item of the Day: Happy Charmz

Back-to-school might be my favorite time of year. The weather shifts from swimsuit, shorts, and iced tea into scarf, jacket, and cinnamon latte weather. I don’t even attend school anymore and I still enjoy shopping for school supplies. There’s just something about new paper and pens that makes you feel like you’re getting a fresh start in life.

And now with all of the cool supply accessories available? I’m so jealous of every kid that gets to return to school. Happy Charmz might be the cutest supply accessory out there. They are adorable little charms that you can put on your pencils and pens. The charms are detachable by little rubber bands so you can add as many as you’d like to each pen or pencil. You can move ’em around, swap ’em out, etc. And there are so many cute designs to choose from!

Order yours here.