Item Of The Day- Girls Soundtrack!

Girls is back and life is better than ever! (Sung in that tune, you know, that Hess truck/boyfriend’s back song.) The show’s star and creator, Lena Dunham, teamed up with the folks at Fueled By Ramen and put together the Girls– Volume 1 Soundtrack. The soundtrack features songs from last season and the upcoming season. I love when shows do this! The OC soundtracks were/are some of my favorite mixtapes.

I figured since Girls just premiered this Sunday, we should probably talk about the show’s music. It’s definitely a big part of the show. I mean- what would the scene where Hannah is dancing alone in her room and Marnie joins in be without Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’? “Yo, girl!” I know that song was instantly added to everyone’s playlist. Or what about right after the girls watch Charlie’s band play ‘Hannah’s Diary’ and Marnie tosses her drink into Hannah’s face? The song ‘Same Mistakes’ by The Echo-Friendly starts playing. Showing viewers that your twenties are about making mistakes and hey, they can even be the same ones. Eventually, we’ll grow out of our mistakes. Fun fact: Lena (Hannah) was actually surprised when Allison Williams (Marnie) tossed the drink into her face. One more fun fact: I actually volunteered at the Tribeca Film Festival with the guy in The Echo-Friendly.

fun. had an extra song that didn’t make the Some Nights record. Luckily, Lena called them up and asked if she could use a song of theirs for the soundtrack. ‘Sight of the Sun’ is a mid-tempo pop song about being content with life. Showing there may be a hopeful storyline in store for one of the Girls characters.

When listening to the soundtrack, it kind of feels like your BFF Hannah Horvath made you a mixtape of all her favorite songs. (Similar to feeling like Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper came together to make The OC  soundtracks for us.) Besides the songs mentioned above, the soundtrack mixes old, new, popular and indie music. Some new songs from artists include: Grouplove’s ‘Everyone’s Gonna Get High’ and Santigold’s ‘Girls’. Tegan and Sara cover The Rolling Stone’s ‘Fool to Cry’. And so much more! It really is an awesome compilation.

“Music is such a huge part of my creative process,” explains Lena. “I make playlists to write by and listen to as I head to set in the morning, and I experiment in editing with songs that the characters would love and that accurately reflect their struggles. To collaborate with Fueled by Ramen and so many artists who inspire me on this compilation is a dream.”

You can pick up the soundtrack at your local music store, here or here.

What do you guys think? Any TV soundtracks that you love?