Item of the Day: Game of Thrones Coasters

“Give me one hour of your time,” my husband told me about a year and a half ago. “If you don’t like the first episode, I won’t push you to watch any more.”

And that’s how I watched ten hours of Game of Thrones over a weekend. I mean (it’s not really a spoiler at this point, but) how can you not be curious about what happens after Bran was pushed out that window?! And while I still ask my husband about what the heck just happened (he read the books, so he kind of has a better idea than I), I still enjoy watching. I rooted for Daenerys to find her dragons throughout the entirety of season 2 so much that she was going to be my Halloween costume this year. (But since I’m tall, and wigs can be itchy, I don’t think I could really pull it off.)

That being said – these coasters, made by Melissa Desmond over at Etsy, are pretty amazing. I’ll be honest with you – while I never actually use coasters myself, I’m pretty fond of the idea of them. (And here is where I declare my approval of being “the coaster woman”. You know – the girl who gets creative coasters for Christmas, when people can’t think of anything else I’d want.. And I’d be 100% okay with that.)

The set includes 6 coasters, as well as a carrier. They’re made of 100% bamboo, but have a sealant on them that make them water resistant. And the designs? Pretty amazing. In fact, the non-Thrones watcher might not even realize how (kind of) nerdy they are! (That being said, my favorite? The Lannister Gold.)

While a bit pricey – $40 for 6 coasters – they’d definitely be the perfect gift for the person who may have told you about how much they hate someone named “Joffrey” in the past few years.

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