Item of the Day: Funley’s Super Crackers

Flavored crackers have been a preferred snack of mine for ages. And we’ve entered a pretty extreme era of flavors. (I’ll save my old lady Doritos rant for another time.) But give me a 100-calorie baggie of flavored crackers and I’m on a bite-sized cloud nine. It’s really the perfect food to satisfy my salt craving without entering unhealthy territory.

So I was beyond pumped to find Funley’s Super Crackers. Every flavor contains a superfood as one of the ingredients. AND most of their flavors come in 90-calorie bags! Flavors include: Cheddar, Pizza, Ranch, and Cornbread and they contain superfoods like spinach and sweet potato inside making them a healthier snack for anyone on the go.

Funley’s also has other delicious snack options like, Wholly Granolly Clusters in Peanut Butter Pretzel, Wild Apple Berry and Double Chocolate Chip (see below).

And Stix in the Mud, available in Original Chocolate, Caramel, and Peanut Butter (see below).

Order yours here, or find your local retailer here and enjoy!