Item Of The Day: Free Fish’s Fall Fun For Your Feet!

Call me a five year old but I love a jelly shoe as much as the next kiddo on the block. I think they are super fun and fancy and they make me feel all magical and summery. As summer winds down, a bummer for us all on many levels, you can imagine my dismay at the thought of having to retire my jelly sandals for the season. I was nearly ready to swap out my fun loving foot attire for something more seasonally appropriate when I came acrossed, you guessed it, a jelly shoe just waiting to meet and greet all of my favorite sweaters! Free Fish, a Japanese shoe brand, designed footwear that marries our summer love for jellies and everyone’s functional Fall favorite, the smoker flat. As if the combination wasn’t genius enough, the trendy, innovative shoe lovers at Free Fish decided the entire shoe should encapsulate more glitter than a Katy Perry concert. Thanks to the designers at Free Fish I am ready to trade in the warm weather and sandals for the cool breeze, sweaters and my brand new Fall jellies!

Maybe you love the seasonal transformation of the jelly; maybe you’re gaga over the glitter; or maybe you just love the idea that you can slip these babies on without the bother of shoelaces while running out the door in the morning! Whatever the reason, if you love these Free Fish shoes as much as I do, you can purchase them from our friends across the pond, Office. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…bring on the Fall!

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