Item of the Day: Food Subscription Service, Mantry

Looking for a gift for a food loving dude this week? Or looking to convince a guy to cook for you? Consider Mantry.

Food is delicious, but some food is more delicious than other food. The team over at Mantry knows this. Mantry is a small-batch food-of-the-month club that helps guys discover artisan food in America and what to do with it. Each month, Mantry ships a curated selection of six premium, full-sized food products from craft makers all over the country in a pretty cool crate that they call ‘prohibition-style.’ The trick to what Mantry does is the careful curating: they’ll never ship out a dud item because everything is hand-picked. This month (March) their guest curator is Hugh Acheson, a judge on Top Chef, and a multiple James Beard award winner (i.e. he knows a lot about food!) I’ve gotten one before and it’s a really awesome experience, you get to pry open a wooden box  full of hand-picked delicious things, foods I would never have found or had the chance to try if it wasn’t for Mantry. You can really get anything–reindeer jerky, whisky based maple syrup, amazing salsa, chorizo–Mantry runs the full gamut from ingredients to fully prepared foods. You can order the March box, curated by Acheson and with the theme “Georgia on my Mind,” up through March 20th, over at Mantry’s website. And hey, just because it has Man in the name doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy it too. Food is food, and food is good!