Item Of The Day: Flor Carpeting

I’ll be honest, you guys:  I find decorating exhausting.  I managed to pin like, three things on Pinterest before I gave up.  Which is why for months, my living room had a couch in it and not much else.

Then one day it dawned on me that I couldn’t list “has furniture” as a criteria for guys I was considering dating if I myself did not actually have furniture.  So now I’m on this home decorating kick, and my apartment is thisclose to looking like a functional adult inhabits it.

One of my biggest struggles was picking out a rug, because I had a pretty specific color scheme in mind, and a pretty low number of dollars I was willing to invest.  Enter Flor.  They don’t sell rugs or wall to wall carpet, they sell carpet squares in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can design your rug/carpeting exactly as you like it, in whatever size you want.  I’m a sucker for anything you can customize, so this is pretty much my dream flooring option.  It is also extremely affordable compared to some of the other rug options out there.  Now I mostly just wish I had a place with more square footage so I could play with more patterns.