Item of the Day: Fake LV Sweatshirt

Dolls Kill clothing is selling something so brilliant my brain is smiling. My brain! That’s not even possible. That may even be a medical emergency! Someone call the doctor. Dr. AWESOME!

In the Andy Warhol spirit, they’re selling sweatshirts that proudly proclaim “FAKE” above a popular designer logo.

This one is my favorite. It’s a “Fake” Louis Vuitton sweatshirt. It’s not a fake designer item, it’s an original item that says it’s a fake designer item. (WE HAVE TO GO ONE LEVEL DEEPER.) It’s so cheeky. It reminds me of these ballet flats I have that say “ballet flat” on them. I must have it.

“Fake LV” sweatshirt, $48.00. Dolls Kill.