Item of the Day: Eye-Light Your Life With Sugar!

So one of the many things I’m picking up these days are eye makeup. There’s something so calming to me in the morning about painting my eyes. It’s something I have control of, something that I can create, something I enjoy doing for myself. And recently, I’ve come across eye shadow, eye liner and mascara that provide a little happy-happy, joy-joy in the morning. Or afternoon. Or evening. Or when I’m watching 10 hours straight of Doctor Who.

‘Tis the season to get festive and all that. Now, I don’t need a holiday party to wear sparkles and glitter; I’ll do that any day. I love lighting up my life with fun eyeshadows, and I think one of the ways to do it is with Sugar’s Candy Coated 5 well eyeshadow palette which costs $10 at Kohl’s.

I had to learn how to put mascara on via a YouTube video, for real. My mom doesn’t wear mascara, only eyeliner. What? Yes. However, I like wearing mascara. I especially like it when it is non-gloppy, when my eyelashes have movie star glamour to them, when it’s easy to put on. So I’m thankful for the Double Wink Duo Mascara by Sugar which has two functions: one is to add volume, the other to add length. Also, another perk: $14.

Finally, an eyeliner that makes applying the cat eye look simple! Can I tell you how many times I’ve tried to get the cat eye look and have instead, turned my eyes into an optical illusion? Well, cry no more, Ruby (this is how I speak to myself sometimes – remember I’m an only child)!  With the Me-Ow Liner Cat Sparkle Eyeliner from Sugar (it comes in black and brown and green and purple!), I can shape my eyes without a lot of drama. And it has sparkles! I mean, how fun is that? Also: $10.

For more on Sugar’s products, check put their Facebook page, and their Pinterest board.