Item of the Day: Evolution Juice

Thanksgiving is over and my insides hate me. Four days of endless cocktails and heavy food that somehow is all the same color despite belonging to different food groups. How have I never noticed that before? My beige food sat on my beige plate until I ate every last bite and couldn’t move. Now, the leftovers are gone and my body is screaming for better decisions to be made. I usually glide through the holidays on nothing but sugar and salt. I want this year to be different though. I want only smart eating decisions made on the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The best place to start is adding some bright colors back into my diet. Fruits and veggies are the key. Evolution Fresh makes cold-pressed juices that are delicious, include whole, fresh ingredients, and are great grab-on-the-go options.

Another important strategy during the holidays is to snack regularly on healthy foods. I never want to reach the point of being ravenous. That’ll just lead to bad food choices. Evolution Harvest is a line of healthy snack bars and trail mixes that are also perfect for my hectic holiday schedule.

You can find them at your neighborhood Starbucks or Whole Foods.