Item of the Day: Everpurse

As someone who works in social media and is perpetually joined at the hip to her iPhone, nothing makes me panic faster than how I feel when I see my phone’s battery power hit that skinny red bar with 15% life left. I need that green bar juice and I need it NOW! Sometimes I’m savvy enough to carry a spare charger on me to keep moments like this from occurring, but I’m only at my best remembering that charger when I’m travelling. For a night out, I’ll remember my wallet and keys but the charger usually doesn’t make my out and about priority list. Plus, it’s kinda weird to keep on you when you’re out – you wind up scoping out a room for an electrical outlet more than a hottie which definitely wasn’t the game plan for how the night was supposed to go.

Everpurse is a purse that charges your smartphone on the go. Let me repeat that: Everpurse is a purse that charges your smartphone on the go. Small, chic clutch bags that have a built-in dock connector for your for your phone inside a special charging pocket. No phone is left behind with the Everpurse – it takes your tired, desperately seeking battery life iPhone 5, IPhone 4/4S, and Galaxy S III – and charges the phone all day.

Need some overnight juice for the purse so it can continue charging your phone the next day? Charge the bag overnight by dropping it on its charging mat overnight so the internal battery is ready to take on the next day!

Everpurse clutches start at $189 for fabric clutches which I know can be a bit pricey, but these bags are truly investment pieces. When was the last time you carried around a purse that was able to charge your iPhone for you and keep it charged throughout the day – and also keep all of your personal belongings from falling into a handbag abyss? I rest my case. Skip the tangled up charger cords, and run, don’t walk, for an Everpurse!

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