Item of the Day: Eisley Kickstarter

You may not have heard of the band Eisley, but you’re about to. The five-piece band of four siblings and a cousin, based out of Texas, has been in the music-making business for over a decade. They’ve toured with Coldplay, for goodness sakes! They have dreamy harmonies, killer guitar licks, and a style that is unlike any other.

Recently, Eisley launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund extensive touring for their new album, Currents, out May 28th. Their goal? To raise $100,000 to fund touring in the US, UK and Australia. To some, that price tag might seem steep, but remember that this is for multiple tours and international travel. The band also welcomed a bunch of babies recently (four, to be exact) and they want to be safe in their travels, which eliminates cheaper avenues of touring (can’t exactly drive across the country with babies in an unsafe vehicle!). Eisley is on an indie label, so the costs of touring often fall on the band themselves.

Not convinced? Here, go, listen to the title track off their upcoming album. NOW you’re convinced. Help Eisley bring their amazing, crazy fantastic sound to a city near you!

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