Item of the Day: @DrinkBai 5 Calorie Drinks

Listen, y’all know I like my iced coffee and my Diet Coke (it’s a problem I’m working on but I’m only human) and yes, pure water, but sometimes a girl wants something juice-like without all the calories of… well, juice. Most of the time, juice is packed with sugar and is pretty terrible for you, but bai seems to have figured out. They offer 5 calorie juice drinks in some bomb ass flavours, from Congo Pear (my favourite) and Costa Rica Clementine to Brasilia Blueberry and Panama Peach. It’s GOOD, y’all.

bai (lower case on purpose – get that style!) uses a combo of organic stevia and the sugar alcohol erythritol to sweeten, so it’s got a low glycemic index and it’s also full of antioxidants – holla, coffeefruit!

You can pick up a bottle of bai at your local shop – plenty have it – or order it by the case on the website.