Item of the Day: DMX Hand Embroidery Hoop Art

“This hoop was originally requested as a custom order, but I decided to make it available on-demand to everyone. Because why deny anyone the opportunity to show the rest of the world just how awesome their taste in music is?

Damn straight.”

Excuse me while I reaffirm my love for arts ‘n crafts with StitchCulture’s Etsy shop. Advertised as “pop culture in a hoop” StitchCulture sells tons of embroidered iconic quotables on hoops including “You Stay Classy San Diego” and a cluster of favorite sayings from 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Mean Girls (pretty much anything Tina Fey touches you can guarantee has been stitched on a hoop.)

While any one of these lightweight hoops would make the perfect home decor or even wedding gift conversation gift piece, I was most drawn to the DMX hoop art. StitchCulture takes custom orders and the person who decided that they wanted,”Y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here,” embroidered on a wooden hoop for wherever they may be dwelling is a person we should all aspire to be like. And while that particular hoop is $47, you can get “You Go Glen Coco”  and several others on a 3 inch hoop for under twenty bucks.

Sew cool. PS – I may need one with some Salt-n-Pepa lyrics stitched up soon…

Image courtesy of the StitchCulture Etsy shop.

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