Item of the Day: DECK by SOL Republic

Whenever I have a party or someone I know has a party, one of the problems is always speakers. I have a set of terrible speakers in the kitchen that I use when I’m cooking (heating up Trader Joe’s frozen food) and having your phone tied to it is so annoying.

The DECK by SOL REPUBLIC is awesome because it’s small and super portable. I could imagine saying, “Oh sure, friends! I’ll be over in an hour for the party!” and just popping the speakers into my purse and running off into the distance.

It also has “Heist Mode” which allows up to five devices to simultaneously sync up and play their music, any user can take over control of the playlist. Which I think would be really fun and also start a ton of fights!


  • Up to 3x standard wireless range and outdoor boost mode ensures you don’t have to leave your phone right next to the speaker for great sound
  • Water-resistant exterior makes it perfect for any party
  • Can be used as a speakerphone or Bluetooth hub
  • Available for $199 in gunmetal, lemon-lime, electro blue, paper white and vivid red