Item of the Day: Dear Kate Underwear

Why do I spend so much time each day selecting wardrobe items from my closet (that will perfectly compliment my mood and planned activities), but I spend so little time on finding quality underwear? Underwear is the first thing I put on before the timely outfit selection process begins, yet I just grab the first somewhat matching bra and underwear set I can spot from my drawer. Most days they definitely do not match.

And my process for bra and underwear shopping has always been the same – comfort first, cuteness second. But I spend the same amount of time shopping for new bras and underwear as I do buying a new toothbrush. Just get one that works and move on. I need to start making my underthings more of a priority.

Dear Kate is a new kind of underwear for women designed with a built-in breathable liner. Not only are they super cute and comfortable, they also protect like a pantyliner. They offer extra protection and comfort for those days each month when Aunt Flo is in town, so you don’t have to resort to those not-so-adorable granny panties. They have several different styles for every outfit, activity, or occasion. All are gorgeous, flattering, and comfy.

Buy yours here.

BONUS – Gigglers get $10 off by using code “hellogiggles” at checkout and it’s valid for first time purchases through midnight on NYE 2013.