Item of the Day: David Bowie Edition

David Bowie is pretty much the best person/musician ever. If this is something you disagree with, then this is not the post for you.

Like Kanye, I too have a MacBook air that I occasionally feel like breaking. But If I had these sweet Bowie MacBook skins, I wouldn’t dream of it.

This one is based on Bowie’s Low album cover and The Man Who Fell To Earth film poster.

And then there’s also one based on the “Heroes” album:

I love the minimalist take on these little known classic Bowie posters. We’ve all seen the Aladdin Sane cover, of Bowie with the lightening bolt across his face, so as a Bowie fan I’m digging these.

P.S. Bowie’s new album, The Next Day, just came out. His first album in 10 years!

And guess what? The Next Day cover is a crappily photoshopped version of the “Heroes” cover! This is the kind of amazing photoshop work that I do.

These covers are also available for iPhones, iPads, and PC laptops. All of varying sizes. They are designed by artist Heinz Aimer and available on Society6 for $25.00.