Item of the Day: Darylynn Eyewear

I’m always inspired by women who want something great for themselves and get it. Darylynn Ayala came recommended to me by several people in the fashion industry. Prior to launching her line of sexy, vintage-inspired sunnies, Darylynn was a Design Director for major shoe labels. She saved cash, quit her day job and has worked tirelessly to make her dream happen. Refusing to compromise quality by manufacturing in Asia, she found a factory outside of Venice, Italy with special craftsman who hand make each pair.

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The line is inspired by Darylynn’s love of Old Hollywood, Vaudeville, and her belief that every woman should feel glamourous on a daily basis. Darylynn herself, is extremely down to earth and bubbly. She told me she loves sunglasses because you can hide behind them. You can walk through the busiest city street and not one passerby has access to your emotions. How you feel is your secret. So passionate about shades, she’s working with an Austin-based director on a short film where women share their funniest, dirtiest, deepest secrets about themselves while rocking their favorite sunglasses. “One girl confessed, ‘I check out guys asses on the subway when I’m wearing sunglasses.’ ” Darylynn said.

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Celebrities who have taken notice include Dita Von Teese, who ordered the entire line, and Lady Gaga, who went with the “Momo” style and said she wants to wear them in her upcoming video. Darylynn is currently in Italy working on her men’s line launch, and creating more designs for woman that are an extension of her current styles, so keep your eyes wide open under those sunnies, my ladies and gents!

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