Item of the Day: “Confessions: The Private School Murders” By James Patterson

BIG book release day today, y’all. I’ve been waiting for book two in James Patterson’s YA detective series, Confessions, for far too long.

If you’re not familiar with this thrilling series, let me give you the deets. Book one in this series is Confessions: Of a Murder Suspect. It all starts with the Angel family. Tandy Angel’s parents are murdered and she begins to piece together the facts in order to find her parents’ killer. Is it one of her siblings? Possibly. As she learns more about the way her parents lived their lives (lots of affairs and shady business) the number of suspects increases and it turns into an intense, fast-paced game of Clue.

Book two, Confessions: The Private School Murders (out 10/7), picks up right where book one leaves off and it’s just as intense and wonderful as the first book. Tandy’s family is still a hot mess, and now she has the murders of wealthy young women in NYC popping up all around her and she is determined to find the killer.

The chapters are short and action-packed. Whether you’ve been waiting for book two, or need to start at the beginning with book one, you’ll be able to fly through these books and you’ll love every minute of it.

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