Item of the Day: Computer Apparel iPad Hoodie Sleeve

First of all, HOW CUTE IS THIS CASE? It’s a hoodie… that’s an iPad case! WHAT? Seriously, I could die. These little cases – made by Computer Apparel – are ultra padded and have little zipper sections for your iPhone, headphones, papers, whatever. Hold up, here’s an illustration:

Adorable! Plus, there’s a handle so you can carry it like a purse. If, you know, that’s your thing. (It’s definitely my thing.) I don’t often leave the house (I’m a homebody), but when I do, I keep my iPad in my hoodie case – the blue one in the main image, if you were wondering what colour I got – and it’s great.

If you don’t have an iPad, have no fear – they do these for laptops, too. And I’ll actually vouch for their efficacy, too – I dropped my iPad (as I do) while it was in this case and it was totally fine. Stylish AND efficient? I’m sold. Literally, obviously.

Want your own? Head over to Computer Apparel‘s website and grab one for yourself for $39.99. Definitely worth the investment. But wait – there’s more! HelloGiggles readers have been offered a special 25% discount on ANYTHING on the Computer Apparel website. Just use code GIGGLES25 a checkout, and it’s all yours. Awesome!