Item of the Day: Color Secrets Professional Vegan Nail Polish

Being a vegan or vegetarian is a personal choice and nobody should be judged for how they choose to live their life, food-wise. Unless they’re Hannibal Lecter or the like. And for me going vegan is an impossible mountain to climb due to admitted laziness and the fact that I find meat too delicious. Like Ron Swanson levels of finding meat incredibly tasty. I did stop eating bacon for years after an emotional viewing of Babe, but eventually found I couldn’t resist the pull of the pig.

But one arena I do have the power to go vegan in is beauty. Companies that use animal testing and are A-OK with animal cruelty are to be avoided at all costs. This can be extremely difficult when dealing with cosmetics. Not only do you have to find brands that are cruelty-free, but you also have to get around companies whose labels are rife with chemicals and unpronounceable mystery ingredients. But sometimes when you do find a brand with the values you’re looking for, their variety and selection available can be trapped in the realm of being a bit too earthy. Which is why I’m loving Color Secrets Professional Vegan Nail Polish.

Their polishes are 100% vegan and come in a crazy amazing rainbow of colors and metallics, using no animal parts to create their metallic and pearlescent finishes. Until I did my research, I didn’t know a lot of the usual polish brands actually use crushed beetles, oyster, and fish scales in their products to get those same finishes, which is super gross. I’m happy to pass on that and use vegan polishes instead. The Color Secrets polishes are also are “3-free” which means the polish is free of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde, which are super-nasty chemical monsters that I encourage you to research and become horrified at. As a bonus, the polishes are only $3.99, which is awesome!

They’re also going to be available at Walgreens in March, so no need to hunt down a special beauty supply for your vegan cosmetics needs. But if you’re super eager to try the products now, you can buy them at And, like many great things, it’s made in the good ole USA – so go forth and polish, vegan-style!

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