Item of the Day: Coffitivity

I have never been able to write in complete silence, or do much of anything aside from sleep with no sounds surrounding me – having a little white noise whether it’s Pandora radio or the hustle of people coming and going at a coffee shop are my two favorites to work as my background soundtrack.

The only problem with this kind of soundtrack, particularly when you decide to spend the day working from a coffee shop, is that it can get way too loud to stay focused. Kids in line start throwing tantrums for chocolate chip cookies at 7:45 AM, people want to sit at tables near yours and yell their life’s story on their phones, toaster ovens for breakfast sandwiches are ringing nonstop, you get the picture. “When will I ever be able to get my work done without losing my mind in public?” – the 25-year-old writer wailed inside of her head. (“And also without spending $4.45 on a latte every single day of the week!” – her checking account chimed in.)

Enter Coffitivity, a webapp site designed to boost your creativity throughout the workday. You can stream in the sounds of a coffee shop (minus the crying kids) as part of that ambient background sound and additionally stream in your own music to mashup over the coffee shop sound as just enough white noise to work.

And rest assured for anyone wanting to take their Coffitivity to go, iOS/Mac apps are on the way. Plug in to Coffitivity today and feel the best kind of background soundtrack to your workday (or even just your Tumblr dash scrolling afternoon) start blooming.

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