Item Of The Day: Ciate Caviar Manicure Set

Ladies, I received THE BEST Christmas gift from my boss this year and it has absolutely proven to be the gift that keeps on giving! I am a complete nail polish/nail art junky, as many HelloGiggles ladies are, but maybe we should change things up a bit in the New Year? Enter Ciate Caviar Manicure! The caviar mini bar kit that was so graciously  bestowed upon me comes with four mini nail polish and four bottles of multi-colored caviar beads, also known as the fabulous, sparkly box of endless nail fun! It is, quite simply, a party for your hands, as my mother and I expertly display in the photo above.

Just when you thought you might be tiring of funky, fancy nails, Ciate stepped in to spice it up. The set is super easy to use and your nails actually look like they do in the pictures! I give it an A++ and not only offer it up for item of the day, but nominate it as beauty item of 2013! Long may our pretty nails reign!

You can buy the caviar manicure set here! Also, while you’re shopping around for your digits, check out Ciate’s velvet and sequin manicures. And be sure to share your totally righteous (yea, I said it!) nails with us- girls who giggle over nail art together, stay together! Ooh La La!

Featured image via the author