Item of the Day: ‘Chill Out’ Cat Sweater by Glamour Kills

Sometimes, I’m going through my day and all of a sudden it hits me: I forgot to chill out. Thankfully, this sweater by Glamour Kills is the perfect reminder. Now when I forget to chill out, I simply look down, see a cat wearing sunglasses telling me — nay, demanding me — to “chill out!” and you know what? I DO.

It’s the perfect oversized comfy sweater with a bit of stretch. It’s so awesome that my boyfriend took it. And so will yours. Guess what, boyfriends? THEY MAKE THEM IN MEN SIZES, TOO!

Look at how freaking CHILL that guy looks! Someone looked in the mirror before that was taken for SURE! Which would say something like “!TUO LLIHC” but guess what? He got the message anyway.

“Chill Out!” cat sweater by Glamour Kills. $59.99 for men and women.