Item of the Day: “Call Me” T-Shirt by MILKBBI

Guys, sometimes amazing things happen when I’m on the internet. Sometimes I make new friends, sometimes I find out useful information and sometimes I find gems of items I want to buy immediately.

While scrolling Tumblr I had a “suggested post” on the side that actually looked interesting. Aliens? Cell phones? Washed out pastel color scheme? I’m sold. Obviously I clicked on it and re-blogged it immediately saying “It’s like someone reached inside my brain and drew my thoughts.”

Much to my surprise (and delight!) this print is available as a tee shirt! I’ll probably get it big to wear as a nightgown but I could also see just getting this as a normal tee shirt for the summertime. It’s available for $40 on their website. Check it out!

(Images via MILKBBI)

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