Item of the Day: Beyoncé by Beyoncé

Bow down to Queen Bey, everyone. On Friday December 13th, 2013, Beyonce released her fifth solo studio album exclusively through iTunes, sans any marketing campaigns and simply titled as “Beyoncé”.

Listed on iTunes as a visual album (and with every banner on the site currently taken by none other than Bey herself, because duh) the track listing is beautifully put together, with 14 songs featuring Jay Z, Blue Ivy (yes, her daughter is in a song and it’s kind of the cutest thing ever), Frank Ocean, Drake, and many more. Alongside all of the songs are music video accompaniments shot against the backdrops of Rio de Janiero, Paris, New York, and Sydney.

Of course now that the album is out, it brings up a lot of questions. Will the Grammys frantically revise all of their current nominations to include this album? Does any other album released this year even matter at all right now? And how did she have time to get all of these songs and videos shot while on the Mrs. Carter tour?

The correct answers are they should, no, and Beyonce is actually a real life Wonder Woman but we already knew that.

Song and video track listing below – go on and get your iTunes downloadin’ sesh on!


1. Pretty Hurts

2. Haunted

3. Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)

4. Blow/Cherry

5. Angel

6. Yoncé/Partition

7. Jealous

8. Rocket

9. Mine (feat. Drake)

10. XO

11. ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

12. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)

13. Heaven

14. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)


1. Pretty Hurts (directed by Melina Matsoukas)

2. Ghost (directed by Pierre Debusschere)

3. Haunted (directed by Jonas Åkerlund)

4. Drunk in Love (directed by Hype Williams)

5. Blow (directed by Hype Williams)

6. Angel (directed by @lilinternet)

7. Yoncé (directed by Ricky Saiz)

8. Partition (directed by Jake Nava)

9. Jealous (directed by Beyoncé, Francesco Carrozzini & Todd Tourso)

10. Rocket (directed by Beyoncé, Ed Burke & Bill Kirstein)

11 .Mine (directed by Pierre Debusschere)

12. XO (directed by Terry Richardson)

13. ***Flawless (directed by Jake Nava)

14. Superpower (directed by Jonas Åkerlund)

15. Heaven (directed by Beyoncé & Todd Tourso)

16. Blue (directed by Beyoncé, Ed Burke & Bill Kirstein)

17. **Bonus Video: Grown Woman (directed by Jake Nava)

Album image courtesy of iTunes.

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