Item Of The Day: Baby Boxes

Okay, so we’re won’t even try to pretend that we’re not suffering from a serious case of baby fever right now. These days, our Facebook feeds are flooded with more chubby cheeks and tiny tushies than we can handle, our weekends are booked with baby showers, we find ourselves shopping for onesies more often than we’re shopping for date outfits…and meanwhile, what’s that sound? Oh, it’s just our ovaries gasping their final breath as they shrivel away. But moving on, we are SUPER HAPPY for our pregnant friends — which is why we are planning to spoil them with today’s item of the day, Baby Boxes, in the hope that they will return the favor when we get around to having kids (thanks to advances made in biotechnology forty years from now)!

Baby Boxes, which are both adorable and super useful for moms, were not available in the US until last month. They are lined with a fitted mattress, so the box itself can be used as an infant’s bassinet or travel crib. The box arrives packed with all the goodies a new mom wants and needs, from blankies to bibs to burp cloths, along with fun extras like teeny-tiny hair bows for girls (aww). The box is packed like a clown car — it’s a little ridiculous how many different items you get for the price!

Like most things that are awesome (David Beckham, British accents, and croissants, to name a few), Baby Boxes originated in Europe. They are based on the Finnish maternity packages that have been given to all expectant parents in Finland by the government for the past 75 years but which are unavailable for sale. The Finnish boxes were in the news recently Will and Kate received one of these new-parent packages as a gift for baby George. We figure — if it’s good enough for the royal baby, it’s probably good enough for our friends’ little princes and princesses, no?

Adding to our motivation is the secret sale that The Baby Box Co. is currently running (since God knows we broke girls love a good discount). Simply enter the promo code BABYLOVE at checkout, and you’ll receive $20 off your order! Honestly, we kind of want to have a baby RIGHT NOW just so we can snag one of these for ourselves…. Though considering the fact that we can’t even keep a potted plant alive (nope, not even a cactus), maybe it’s a good thing that a child of our own is not even on the very distant horizon right now! Now if only our ovaries would stop weeping to themselves…