Item of the Day: Anti Mosquito Sticker, Kite Patch

Mosquitoes, they suck. Now that I’ve gotten the first (and last) mosquito pun out of the way, let’s really talk about this. I try to be a glass-half-full kind of human, but I just cannot find anything positive that mosquitoes bring to the table. They bite, they drain your blood, they leave an irritatingly itchy mark (which you WILL scratch, turning it into a disgusting scab) AND they carry and transmit diseases. If your summers are spent anywhere that has the even slightest percentage of humidity, these little a-holes will find you and ruin your day.

But what if they couldn’t find you? Problem solved. The Kite Patch, created by a team of brilliant minds from innovation venture capital group ieCrowd and Olfactor Laboratories, is a little sticker that emits a cloak of chemical compounds that block a mosquito’s ability to sense humans for up to 48 hours. “Don’t worry, guys. I packed enough mosquito force fields for all of us.” Yeah, you could be the badass in the group that gets to say that. Because that’s basically what the patch is.

I know how crazy it sounds, but there is actual science to support it. Back in 2011, Dr. Anandasankar Ray, an entomologist at the University of California, Riverside (and founder of Olfactor Labs), found that certain chemical compounds can inhibit the carbon dioxide receptors in mosquitoes. These compounds, which act like an anti-mosquito force field, are able to disorient the bugs, whose main method of tracking down humans is through our exhalation of CO2.

Developing countries like Uganda, who don’t currently have mosquito repellant options beyond nets and toxic sprays, will certainly benefit from this. And they will be the first ones to receive the Kite Patch!

This little sticker is about to change the world. Keep an eye out for updates and look for it on sale soon.