Item Of The Day: A Good Man Is Hard To Find Sweatshirt

If there is one thing I love it is an article of clothing with a witty or sarcastic saying. I probably own more verbiage tees than is appropriate for my age but, I assure you there are even more on my wish list. The most coveted of all the smile-inducing wardrobe pieces, you ask? 1991 Inc.’s “Where’s Waldo A Good Man Is Hard To Find Sweater.”

What could be better than a sweatershirt that ironically combines everyone’s favorite childhood man with the eternal problem of grown up women (and men!) everywhere?! Plus, it is my sincere hope that someday, while I am sporting this hilarious play on words, some man, somewhere has enough swag to come up to me and say, “Hi, I’m Waldo. I am so glad you finally found me.”

Enjoy, Gigglers and happy hunting for your Waldo!

Image via 1991 Inc.