Item of the Day: “Text/Chat/Email” by Erin Mallory Long

As digitally connected as I am, I still have trouble determining which form of communication is the most appropriate for each daily situation. Most of the time, I prefer email. But which bits of info should be reserved for chat? Or better said over text? It’s a struggle. And after reading this magnificent e-book from OUR VERY OWN pop culture goddess, Erin Mallory Long, I know I’m not alone. 

Emily is 24 and trying to figure out, well, everything. She starts seeing Steve and falls for him instantly. Unfortunately, that requires conveniently pushing her longtime (and live-in) boyfriend, Brian, out of her mind. Not only does it ruin her relationship, but her secret boyfriend-situation drives a wedge between her and her best friend, Sam, as well. She turns to her co-worker and some new friends to try to figure it all out via Text, Chat and Email.

Erin has teamed up with Thought Catalog to give the world this hilarious digital adventure. Order your copy here!