Item Of The Day: A T-Shirt Made of Ryan Gosling Faces

Soon you will get to the bottom of this post and you will see that this Clashist t-shirt that I am recommending to you, the one I have lovingly chosen as our very important Item Of the Day, is $55 (Fifty-Five Dollars!) and you will get a little mad at me. You will think, WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND A T-SHIRT THAT IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN A SHIRT SHOULD BE, LADY?

Here’s why: This t-shirt is special. It is unique. It is memorable. You will wear it places and it will spark unexpected conversation. You will be the only girl in any room wearing this t-shirt. You will develop a whole verbal routine about this t-shirt and you will trot out this routine at parties and in concert lines and other places where there are cute people you want to talk to. You will wear and wear and wear this t-shirt. It will be your thing. Then in five years you will wear this t-shirt again. It will be retro. You will save this t-shirt and your daughter will wear it ironically. In all these ways, this t-shirt is worth the cost of two t-shirts, no?

Now that we have that out of the way. Maybe we won’t all agree that Ryan Gosling is the slinkiest, sexiest, smoothest tall-drink of a human man* to walk onto a big screen since George Clooney sauntered around in One Fine Day. That’s OK. The cool folks at Clashist offer up several dozen options of t-shirts, bathing suits and leggings and they all feature totally crushable faces and fun and distinct designs. You can check them out by going right here.

Dapper Ryan Gosling Tee, $55

*Note to Clashist: Can there please be a Danny Castellano tee? The world – and my friend Sarah -will thank you. 

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