Item of the Day: ‘The Simpsons’ Numbered Notebook

I cannot get enough of Moleskine. They have excellent notebook options and they make special editions with The Simpsons and Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Star Wars! It’s like someone at Moleskine is instead my brain. (If they come out with a Friends collection, we’ll know I’m being bugged.)

In celebration of the 25th season of The Simpsons they have a whole bunch of Moleskines featuring my favorite family and the newest ones are white and numbered! They’re only making 9,999 of these guys and check them out! There are some awesome Simpsons stickers in the back, too!

They’re also holding a special competition if you already own one of the other Simpsons Moleskine notebooks:

Competition: Do you already have a yellow or black Moleskine Simpsons notebook? For your chance to be one of the lucky 9,999 owners of the Simpsons Numbered Notebook,  send us a selfie of yourself with your Moleskine Simpsons notebook by uploading it to myMoleskine with the tag  #M_thesimpsons.

Get yours ASAP!

From Moleskine, for $24!

(All images courtesy of Moleskine)