The spooky, glow-in-the-dark tee you need in your life

The folks at indie t-shirt company Maiden Voyage Clothing truly understand us. They must know how much we love getting spooked while listening to frightening tales told around a campfire late at night. Which wouldn’t be nearly as fun without grubbing on delicious s’mores and spicy Johnny Cakes. Though any strange sound can make us jump out of our seat, we truly live for it!

Their newest style, the Ghost Stories tee, which is made of soft 100% cotton, totally has us feelin’ those Are You Afraid of the Dark? vibes we go crazy for, especially during this month of fright. And yes, we’re talking about that very special Nickelodeon series from the ’90s that you can watch whenever your ghostly heart desires.

What makes it even cooler and. . . spookier, is that the shirt also glows in the dark! So if someone tries to scare you by shutting off all the lights, you’ll be able to use your shirt as a makeshift flashlight! The unique design also comes in a tank top and a sweatshirt to keep you warm on those chilly nights.

Ghost Stories tee, Maiden Voyage, $25.20 to preorder