All you need to become a member of the Really Good Hair Club is this t-shirt

If there’s ever been a secret society in existence that a good number of us wouldn’t mind becoming a dedicated member of, it would probably be an association similar to the one featured on this shirt: The “Really Good Hair Club.”

This baby blue tee by You Were Swell shows different women sporting the types of hairdos that can make any limp-locked gal green with envy. The club’s picture depicts girls with starlet-style waves, cute bouffant ‘dos, and Ronnie Spector-worthy beehives that make me want to grab some hairspray and a teasing comb, ASAP.

Illinois-based artist Sophie McMahan is inspired by American culture from the good old days of the ‘40s and ‘50s, but her work has an interesting twist. For instance, she’ll put a swamp creature as the object of a teenage girl’s affection, add a third eye to Brigitte Bardot, or if you look closely at what looks like a normal couple in an embrace, you’ll notice green scales. Sophie creates a perfectly bizarre bridge between vintage Americana vibes and a love of science fiction and horror.

Really Good Hair Club T-shirt, $18.