Item Of The Day: A Perfect Gray T-Shirt, Under $20

There’s a good chance that this morning you did not wake up thinking, “You know what? Today is the day that I am going to find the world’s softest, most perfect t-shirt with a cut that’s slouchy and bares just a bit of belly* but not too much and is not too tight or too loose and this t-shirt is going to come in a subtle neutral color that I can wear with everything but is not black or white or serious-older-womyn beige and I am going to find said t-shirt for under $20 because today is a day I WILL WIN AT DREAMS.”

There’s a good chance this didn’t happen because your life is bigger and fuller and more important than all that, but if you WERE TO COME UPON the world’s most perfect t-shirt, on maybe a lady-friendly site that you like, well maybe you would just want to buy it.  “Trina” Top, $16 

*Should you want more coverage (and not care to bare), the site has more than a dozen equally soft, equally affordable styles to strike your unique fancy.

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