In honor of Halloween, just the scariest way to eat cheese

Do you think ghosts like cheese as much as we do? There’s got to be some Liz Lemon-type specters workin’ on their night cheese in the great beyond, right? Well, thanks to this Ouija Cheese Board Set, you’ll be able to summon queso-loving phantoms in no time.

Time to stock up on your finest and fanciest cheeses! I’m talkin’ bout the burrata, the gouda, the manchego, and the Roquefort. This glass tray somewhat mimics a real Ouija Board, but instead of “Goodbye” it says “Replenish.” Sounds good to me! And despite today being Halloween and the season of spook coming to an end, cheese and ghosts are equally fascinating year-round. I’ll be moving a slice of Vermont cheddar shaped like a planchette over and over that section of the board, thank you. The tray also comes with four serving knives, even though when you’re having solo cheese time, you’ll just need the one that looks like a giant pitchfork.

I totally want this, even though I recently created a “no cheese in the house” rule. I’m sure this is a temporary ban, so don’t worry about me. But honestly? My night cheesin’ was getting out of hand. My boyfriend started calling me “Little Mouse” and who could blame him? Three days after a block of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese entered the premises, it just disappeared. Maybe I should have blamed it on the cheese ghosts.

Ouija Cheese board set, $25