Item of the Day: Little Borrowed Dress

One thing that really stuck with me from Bridesmaids was the scene where they go shopping for bridesmaids dresses. Yes, because of all of their…er…digestive issues, but also because it really captured the how much of a pain in the ass it is to find a flattering dress that everyone likes. And, of course, I could seriously relate to Kristen Wiig’s character not being able to break the bank on the cost of the dress. The movie was hilarious, but also too true!

Oh, how I know the struggle of the ever troubling bridesmaid’s dress. You’re not supposed to complain about an ugly or ill-fitting dress, since it’s the bride’s day. Even if you get a benevolent bride who lets the ‘maids pick their own dresses, it’s virtually impossible to coordinate everyone’s schedule so you can all shop at the same time. You anxiously hand over a credit card for an overpriced dress that ends up only looking good on two members of the bridal party. Woe is the bridesmaid’s dilemma.

Enter Little Borrowed Dress – the first and only online service that rents exclusive styles of bridesmaid dresses. Little Borrowed Dress designs and manufacturers their own dresses to ensure a great fit with no alternations necessary.  Their new website even features real women donning the various styles – proof that the dresses fit and flatter even the curviest of maids (if only every wedding party had a “Melissa McCarthy,” our duties would be so much more enjoyable).

Cause ya know, we’re not all models and choosing a dress online being displayed on an airbrushed-to-perfection, size 2 amazonian beauty isn’t all that helpful. Bridesmaids are far more likely to look like this:

Than this:

It’s so hard to find a dress that looks good on everybody’s different body shape, especially when you don’t have the luxury of a group fitting to make this evident. So Little Borrowed Dress offers 12 different bridesmaid styles in 18 different colors that are actually stylish and start at an affordable $50 to rent. When you click on a dress you don’t just see the same model in 3 different poses. You get several women of different sizes modeling that dress. Genius!

They also do one of my favorite things to ensure a good style and fit when internet shopping: they’ll send TWO dresses in two different sizes. And they’re super easy to return because you just pop them in the mail in a pre-paid envelope. It’s like Netflix for weddings.

On my next tour of bridesmaid duty, I will definitely be casually e-mailing the Little Borrowed Dress link to the bride, for all our sakes.

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